Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

The American Wildlife Expeditions
Expedition VIII, The Great Eastern Ranges

The Great Horned Owl is specifically designed to be the best of the predators. When you combine this bird’s size, infra-red vision, ability to turn its head completely to the back with its ability to fly in absolute silence you have the perfect night hunter. It was with this in mind that Susan embarked on this momentous drawing. A drawing that has come to symbolize not only a time in her life but a time in the lives of all women.

“She is one of the most important drawings I will ever do. Her complexity leading to her unique execution along with her intensity brought on by her ability to survive and thrive under the most difficult hunting conditions spoke volumes to me about myself, where I am in my work and my determination to not just survive….but thrive!”

This drawing is a powerful addition to the collection we have come to know as
“Susan’s work”, and as one of the final pieces in the American Wildlife Expeditions, it is a reminder of the profound excellence of this now world-renown work.

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